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29/01/22 : NEW Blog Section :

I have chosen to share with you my new Blog section. And so a new article.

Today's topic is "The Creative Process".

I share with you a mindset that I propose to put to the test. it seemed pointless to me to address the rest of the subject in a second article without taking stock of what seems to me to be the best way to even organize creative time periods.

To be continued... :)

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20/01/22 : Spotify - Deezer - Beatport - and more :

Here we are : my New Album "I Am Eternity" - Paradigm - is online.

Done => All Streaming Platforms : Spotify, Beatport, Deezer, etc.
I am very happy and I hope you will appreciate it.
a year of intensive work to compose, mix and master this opus in order to present it to you today in self-production. you can find me on Discord, Whatsapp, or Instagram.

Never hesitate to ask me, I will always be very happy to meet you and share with you. Take Care ! :)

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26/11/21 : NEW Photographs Section :

I have chosen to share with you some of the most beautiful pictures that cover my career.

Starting with the latest ones, made by Anaïs Berger, Artistic Director whose portfolio here is, with the aim of designing the Cover Photo of the New Album "I Am Eternity" - Paradigm.

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26/11/21 : NEW Album "I Am Eternity" Paradigm - NEW WebSite :

I will be releasing my New Album very soon.

For the most impatient of you: this one is already available in preview on my Patreon.

Once it will be available on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Beatport, Deezer, Amazon, Twitch, etc., I will offer my Patreon Contributors the possibility of downloading the audio tracks and thus be able to offer me remixes to share through our social networks.

Treat yourself !!

And don't forget: the site is full of hidden things.
Remember to move your mouse around and try to click to appreciate some changes. =)

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26/11/21 : NEW Patreon Profile :

I have taken great care in creating a new Patreon profile.

So I organized myself very concretely in order to offer Exclusive Bonuses through this support.

5 Beats per month, 1 full exclusive Track, 1 remix, 1 Live video as well as plugins presentation supports and bonus presets as well.

I planned all these working sessions in order to offer as much material as possible and make you want to support me by becoming "Contributors".

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26/11/21 : NEW Twitch, NEW Discord, NEW Malt :

A lot of great news, the Label which is becoming more professional and which concretizes its presence to push Artists always further forward through Social Networks.

A New Twitch Profile, in order to plan events at least once a month within the framework of Live sessions and other Live Videos Presentation of Composition Plugins.

A new Discord server, as an "After Sales" support and especially to share as much as possible my experience for those who have appropriated my Bundles and who need my support, or to those interested, and other contributors via my Patreon.

Finally, a new Malt Profile, in order to begin my prospecting efforts and offer my experience to the professional world.

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26/11/21 : New section "Professional Services" :

I was asked to lend my Professional Experience as a Composer and to work for the company "Just For Games".

For this purpose, I composed the whole sound charter for their Podcast.

Intro and Outro Jingles, Samples and other Fx's to decorate and enrich the sound spectrum and support Atmospheres to their own and according to the headings.

I was also able to respond to the company Serious Factory.

I had to compose Music to the image, or Sound Design, in order to embellish the sound spectrum on several videos.

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26/11/21 : NEW Bundles :

To properly celebrate the release of my New Album "I Am Eternity" for Paradigm, I have chosen to share with you all of my Sounds Designs work through Bundles of Synthesizer Presets that I used for compose this Album.

I have chosen to also share with you the Midis Files as well as the Audio Files.

Enough to allow you to appropriate my work, to inspire you, and to compose in your turn.

Everything is in the Bundles section provided for this purpose.

Have fun !

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25% Discount to get on Bundle #2 and #3 :

Promotion campaign on the "Bundles".

I decided, following the article I wrote in the Blog section "How to compose music?", to offer a discount on the "Bundle's" to allow everyone to take their first steps by putting into practice which I expose in the article and having at disposal a first "Bank of sounds Ready to Use".

Get 25% discount on Bundles # 2 & # 3 using this coupon: JGUE5ANPBD

Bundle # 1 is already FREE !!
More information here: Payhib

Treat yourself!

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NEW Blog Section :

I am delighted to present to you our new "Blog" section in which I offer articles that revolve around different themes around music, managing inspiration and creativity.

But also much more pragmatic subjects like: "How to go about composing on Computer" | What support and software? What material? How to learn while having fun? " etc.
You can already bounce on our first article : How to Compose Music ?

I hope to be able to feed this section as much as possible, in order to offer ever more attractive content, arousing curiosity and the desire to get started and take these first steps around this Art of Composition.

Don't hesitate to bounce back in the comments section, by Mail or WhatsApp: Comments !!

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Paradigm Available on Spotify | Amazon Music | ITunes :

The "Releases" are finally starting to come out.

The first to be born are those of Soundcloud. However, this is it: Spotify | Amazon Music & ITunes are now available.You can therefore discover the two albums of the first artist signed by the EagleOwlSoundDesign Label: Paradigm!

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback.

Here is the link to the "SmartUrl" to find all the media on which you can find these two albums.

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3 New Designs "Print on Demand : Spreadshirt !!!

In our Spreadshop or in the Market Place, "new designs" are now available. This is one aspect of the work to promote the Label that I wish to highlight more. And in particular for future artists, this makes it possible to maintain an Available Merchandising without
false costs or Stock issues.

Which is a powerful and reassuring argument for the next Label Artists !

Take care of yourself !

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SoundCloud Monetization :

Good morning all !
It's now Official : I set up a Label ! EOSD © !!! Unbelievable.

The Official Release for all Spotify media | BeatPort | Deezer etc will be active from June 4 & 5, 2020.
On the other hand, and via the SoundCloud "Repost" Program, all of my titles are therefore "Monetized". Each listening, beyond my desire to make you travel, if not what good, isn't it ... helps me get closer to my St Grâal : Live Music !
And that's also why I learned a lot about the "Promotional | Growth Hacking | Business Development" aspect around the theme of music.

Through my Blog, I will therefore set up a whole section in which I will expose all the "Tips" to know to enhance an Audience and perpetuate it. And to do so, the best way is to get closer to it, to you, of course! :)

And this title, in my opinion, marks very well this Will of Intensity & Generosity !!! :)

Take care of yourself, and Excellent Visit ! :)

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3 Bundles Available !!!

Online launch of 3 Bundles of Samples | Loops | Audio files :

It is now Operational : in the "Bundle" section you can therefore discover my creative work to allow as many people as possible to have access to quality loops to optimize your creativity and enhance your inspiration time.

1.9GB of audio covering Trap styles | Dub | Deep | Electro | Synthwave | HipHop and meet everyone's expectations as much as possible.

Have fun !!!

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WhatsApp After Sales Service :

Hello to all.
I hope you are all doing well?
And that you take full advantage of each moment to be happy? In the "Comments" section, at the bottom of the page (at the bottom "Footer"), you can now find me on WhatsApp by clicking on the link in the "Contact" section | "WhatsApp SAV".

This is NOT a new WhatsApp group, the discussions remain private and you will NOT be contacted and inundated with any notifications.

On the other hand, this will allow us to dialogue and answer all your questions live, without going through emails or other media in order to reduce latency times and resolve your problem as soon as possible. Thank you :)

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06|20 : Official Launch Of The New Website :

I worked hard to make this Interactive site a maximum and not only to make the promotion but to allow you, in a Creative way, to spend a nice little moment, while discovering my universe.

I scattered everywhere, little "hidden actions" that I leave you the pleasure of finding. And I tried to enhance my site, an "immersive & interactive" Design in order to make you want to discover more while having fun.
Animations, surprise clicks ... do not hesitate to pass your mouse everywhere to find them.

I let you subscribe to my Newsletter to be kept informed of News. I plan a monthly sending frequency.

Finally, you can also translate it entirely using the "Google Translate" extension on Chrome. But I advise you to leave it in English for Aesthetic reasons. I checked the most common translations, however the Design of the site can "sometimes" suffer.

I wish you an Excellent Visit on my site. :)
Leave me your comments.
Take Care of Yourself ! <3